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Top Sunny Health and Fitness Rowing Machine to Buy

When it comes to rowing machines, there are plenty of great rowers options available. Users, therefore, need to concentrate on various features. Some individuals have a tough time encouraging themselves to work out, and they would require rowing machines to make the experience reasonably simple and pain-free. 

Some individuals like to be sure to get the hardest exercise available on the rowing machine, that is a machine that can also offer a challenging exercise of all times. As being such, when selecting the best rowing machine, individuals need to consider their particular exercise patterns.

Due to comfortable seats, anti-slip handle rails, a flat surface, and other factors, certain rowing machines are much more efficient than the others. In terms of how loud they often are, rowing machines differ greatly. 

A few of them seem to be simpler to mount and detach than the others, and given their mass power, all of them may differ. When it comes to their exercise programs and general levels of difficulty, rowing machines also differ. Individuals must work out in anticipation of what appeals to them.

Among many models available in the market, our top picks are the sunny health and fitness rowing machine. Here is a review of its top products that you may choose to buy from:

Sunny Health and Fitness Rowing Machine Review

Sunny and Health Fitness have been delivering professional rowing machines for a reasonable price for over decades. There are several models available in the market. Following are the features that make Sunny health and fitness rowing machines a hot choice;

  • All main muscle categories are targeted by full-body workouts including legs, arms, spine, abdominals, and obliques.
  • They offer aerobic and cardio workouts with a limited intensity.
  • Magnetic stress with a variable strength of different levels.
  • The seat and non-slip grip handle rails  are completely padded for maximum support
  • Bigfoot levers, anti-slip, and customizable foot braces.
  • Models are portable for storage purposes.
  • For simple functionality, built-in mobility wheels are also present.

Sunny Health And Fitness Rowing Machine Sf-rw5515

sunny health and fitness rowing machine sf-rw5515

A fine example of sunny health and fitness rowing machine is the SF-RW5515 Magnetic Rowing Unit. To serve a lot of users, this machine is big & equipped. Nearly everybody will be willing to also have a fully developed rowing motion with a footprint equivalent to 7 feet in length. Moreover, the foot levers are wide enough to fit any person. 

The gentle magnetic resistance on this rower machine is another pleasant function. It also offers an easy-to-turn knob, allowing the user to change the pressure when exercising to eight varying scales. With such controls, you’re guaranteed to reach the perfect strength. 

Features of Sunny Health And Fitness Rowing Machine Sf-rw5515

  • Simple to use display/monitor
  • Has 8 degrees of resistance
  • Good transportation wheels for transporting
  • Quick to assemble
  • Easy to fold

Sunny Health And Fitness Rowing Machine Sf-rw5606

Sunny SF-RW5606 Rowing Machine Review

Sunny Health & Fitness SF-RW5606 Elastic Cord Rowing Machine works by consuming calories and strength developing in a healthy yet low-impact way. It offers an outstanding approach to improve fitness. This super sleek and comfortable rower has top-grade metal with an elastic string stiffness and 4 degrees of adjustable resistance, making it the ideal addition to the private gym. 

Furthermore, it comes fitted with big strap-on anti-slip levers and a convenient LCD monitor that shows time, calorie consumption, display, count, and checks every minute. This is very compact and can be stored conveniently with the option of folding. 

Features of Sunny Health And Fitness Rowing Machine Sf-rw5606

  • Dual-directional tension flexible string with 4 customizable tension ranges
  • Users may see time, calculation, cumulative count, calories consumed, count per minute, on the large LCD screen.
  • Overstuffed angled seat for maximum convenience including a non-slip handle.
  • Wide anti-slip feet levers for safe footing with customizable foot braces.
  • Carries maximum weight of 220 lbs.

Sunny Health And Fitness Rowing Machine Sf-rw1205

sunny health and fitness rowing machine sf-rw5515

In the convenience of your very own house, this SF-RW1205 Rowing Machine offers all the advantages of the rowing workout. You can tailor the strength of your workout program to your unique preferences and desires. All this is done with a comfortable glide seat with 12 degrees of intensity combinations. This rowing machine does have a high-duty industrial quality steel frame with a basic layout to supply both arms and the whole body with a rowing experience. 

With steering footplates for additional convenience, it has foot bands to match your sporting capability and convenience. This is a perfect machine while at home for a low-impact workout. When not being used, its lightweight nature makes it simple to store.

Features of Sunny Health And Fitness Rowing Machine Sf-rw1205

  • It’s never been so simple, pleasant, or enjoyable to exercise in comfort and privacy!
  • Hydraulic cylinder stiffness characteristics of 12 adjustable levels
  • Offers a low-impact aerobic workout
  • Visual displays: time, count, total count, anti-slip grip
  • Aesthetically built, completely padded seat
  • At the same time, it targets several muscle classes, i.e. arms, back, stomach, glutes, thighs, etc.

Which rowing machine is the Best & Why?

Among the various models stated above & the others in the row, we like Sunny Health And Fitness Rowing Machine Sf-rw5515 the best. If you’re searching for about $300 for a wonderful rowing machine, then this one suits the bill. With daily and lengthy practice sessions, it may not accommodate many users, however, you’ll get whatever you spend for.

This is a magnetic rowing machine, which implies that it uses magnets present over a flywheel to oppose the force on the handles. One of the benefits of a magnetic design is that this is smoother and easier than a hydraulic motor. As the method is completely silent, if the rollers do stick a tiny bit, the seat squeaks somewhat on the beam as a result.


How To Use Sunny Health And Fitness Rowing Machine?

The arms must be straight with the head in a neutral position; the shoulders are not slouched and flat. The upper body, including its elbows, bends forward from the hip. 
Lower legs are vertical or, for you, as similar to vertical as they are convenient. Shins are not meant to go beyond perpendicular. However, if necessary, heels can be raised.

How To Assemble Sunny Health And Fitness Rowing Machine?

You can bring together any of the Sunny Health and fitness rowing machines without too much trouble, even though you have never mounted a piece of workout equipment previously. All you need are the two Allen keys and a wrench which are a part of the package.
In short, The whole assembly procedure will take somewhere between 45 mins for most individuals. Moreover, you’ll receive a very helpful and simple to understand assemble guide with the equipment as well.

What are the features of Sunny Health and Fitness Rowing Machine?

The Sunny Health & Fitness rowing machines are powerful and efficient entry-level rowing machines that are ideal for beginners to moderate fitness levels.
Whether you are searching for a rowing machine that will provide you with an intense workout program or you are an experienced rower searching for a training machine, these rowers are definitely for you.


The growing role of all the Sunny Health and fitness rowing machines is very good. You may certainly have sat on nicer seats but it is nice enough for a bargain rower, and when you use it a soft rubber cushion will make it enjoyable.

In a higher price range, however, there are also plenty of alternates that deliver a high-intensity exercise and offer a much wider variety of features. But, the Sunny Health and Fitness rowers are of high-quality, powerful, reasonably quiet domestic rowing machines.

Resultantly, these machines are likely to make the common individual very happy with their investment. It’ll also assist you with a good level of aerobic fitness to sustain a healthier lifestyle.