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Spirit Fitness Bike,Treadmill and Rower – A Comparison

The Spirit Fitness XBR25 is a recumbent exercise bike designed for home use.  Moreover, this bike has the build quality, sturdiness, and feature set of a light-commercial model. It also has a weight capacity of 350 lbs that makes it stand out among other recumbent bikes available in the market.

Spirit Fitness XBR25 Features

Have a look at the features of spirit fitness XBR25 fitness bikes & treadmills;

Assembly and Maintenance

The bike’s main body is pre-assembled, complete with all resistance elements and covers. However, the base bars, seat, backrest, front upright bar (or mast), handlebars, dashboard, and pedals need to be assembled. Although it may take more than an hour, the task isn’t difficult. All necessary instructions are included in the manual, as well as all necessary tools.

You merely need to inspect the bike for loose parts regularly and retighten them as needed for maintenance. Moreover, for a long time, the internal components should require little maintenance.

Frame construction

The Spirit Fitness XBR25 recumbent bike is made up of steel, aluminum, and ABS plastic components. Of course, the bike’s primary chassis is built of strong steel tubing for additional strength, while the seat adjustment rail contains aluminum alloy. Moreover, all of the steel parts have a gray corrosion-resistant paint finish.

Pros And Cons Of XBR25 Recumbent Bike


  • Heavy-duty design that can sustain individuals weighing up to 350 pounds;
  • Aesthetic design and a variety of frame covers;
  • Front base bar with transport wheels;
  • Adjustable Stabilizers on both bases;
  • Easy access to the seat thanks to the step-through frame design.
  • Pulse-sensing seat handlebars;
  • Handles on the front are included;
  • The seat has a substantial layer of padding for added comfort;
  • Mesh backrest that is large, flexible, and durable;
  • Moreover, seat adjustment is simple and quick with the use of a lever.


  • There is no access to the internet;
  • There is no option to adjust the headrest;
  • The HR chest strap is not included.
  • The console display does not have a holder for tablets or mobile phones.

Spirit Fitness Treadmill

When you can’t go to the gym or outside, a Spirit Fitness treadmill is a terrific investment, providing you more options for fitness. Well, it’s one thing to use a treadmill in a gym, but it’s quite another to choose one for your home. Furthermore, a good treadmill is costly, and purchasing one does not guarantee that you will use it regularly.


  • Size. The footprint of most treadmills is similar, being 77 inches long by 35 inches broad on average. However, when you fold it, a treadmill will be half its original length. That being said, for access and safety, you’ll need enough vacant space around the treadmill.
  • Ergonomics.If you’re a racer, choose a deck that is the same length as your step. Therefore, consider how comfortable you are while walking or running on the machine. Moreover, opt for a model that is both ergonomically and visually appealing to you.
  • Linked Features. In addition, many treadmills include mobile ports, USB ports, and internet connectivity as appropriate numbers.

Pros And Cons Of Spirit Fitness Treadmill


  • Difficulty Levels are the Same
  • Some individuals believe that running on a treadmill inside is the most convenient option. Running at a one percent inclination, on the other hand, has been proven to use the same amount of energy as running outdoors.
  • The health of the Joints
  • Treadmill running is less taxing on your joints and can help you avoid injuries. This is due to the smooth, and forgiving nature of the treadmill belt.
  • Simulate Race Situations
  • Because they can imitate different types of trails or terrains and change during your workout, higher-end treadmills can help you train better for races and marathons.


Fewer Agility Benefits

Running outside can help you improve your coordination and balance, which can help you perform better in other situations. Resultantly, you cannot get the same results if you run on an inside treadmill.

Not All Muscles Get Worked

When you run, the treadmill belt does some of the work for you. This indicates that you are not exercising your hamstrings and glutes as hard as they should be on a treadmill. Furthermore, to address this issue, add a few outside runs to your workout routine or incorporate cross-training into your treadmill runs to ensure that the muscles at the rear of your legs.

Spirit Fitness XRW600 Rower

In terms of functions and design, the Spirit Fitness XRW600 rower is comparable to the Stamina DT Pro. It’s air and magnetic resistance rower made for home use, but it has the durability, builds, and design of a light-commercial rower. Moreover, it is still available in 2021, even though it was introduced a few years ago by Spirit Fitness.


System of resistance

The Spirit Fitness XRW600 comes with a magnetic and air resistance system. To begin, the main source of resistance is a huge fan, which is integrated into the machine’s front and hidden by the side covers. 

Air resistance, like water resistance, is beneficial because it provides a dynamic response during rowing. To put it another way, rowing feels like rowing a real boat; the stronger you pull, the more resistance you’ll encounter.


Other than the above features, it also has a multi-function console as a key feature of Spirit Fitness XRW600. That being said, for starters, it has a 5.5-inch LCD with an LED backlight and big numerals for easier reading. Moreover, there are several sub-sections in the show. Time, distance, strokes per minute, calories, watts, pulse, and the chosen tension level are all tracked. Furthermore, for certain training routines, it offers a time/500m feature.

Pros and Cons of Spirit Fitness XRW600 Rower


  • A strong frame that can sustain individuals weighing up to 350 pounds;
  • A-frame that can be folded;
  • Transport wheels make it simple to move;
  • Both base bars include adjustable stabilizers;
  • The seat is padded and contoured.
  • Adjustable Footrests with straps and heel protectors;
  • For a dynamic response, there is air resistance.
  • For overall tension adjustability, there are 16 levels of magnetic resistance.
  • Time, SPM, watts, distance, calories, and pulse are all displayed on the advanced console.
  • There are 11 fitness programs available.
  • The operation is smooth and quiet.
  • Includes assembly tools;
  • Needs very little upkeep;
  • Simple to put together;
  • The warranty is excellent.


  • No heart rate chest strap;
  • No online connectivity.


  1. Is Spirit Fitness a good brand?

Treadmills with a spiritual component are well worth investigating. So, these treadmills are more than suitable for potential clients who aren’t concerned with having a treadmill TV or an iFit reader. Moreover, they’re efficient, have large tracks, and come with excellent warranties.

  1. Who makes spirit fitness equipment?

Spirit. Spirit Fitness, a Dyaco company, makes cardiovascular equipment for the residential, business, and medical markets with one simple purpose in mind: to improve everyone’s quality of life.

  1. Are spirit fitness bikes good?

The bike is quite steady and robust. When you’re riding, it’s almost completely silent. The seat is incredibly relaxing! Moreover, the console is updated, yet, as with many exercise equipment settings, you can’t see the console display if you have a large tablet on the shelf.

  1. Does Spirit Fitness own sole?

According to the company, Sole Fitness is a prominent exercise equipment brand in North America that caters to the mid-to-high-end home fitness equipment market. Moreover, Spirit Exercise and Xterra Fitness are two of the company’s fitness equipment brands, and it also manufactures and sells items for other companies like Sole Fitness and Fuel Fitness.

  1. What does spiritual fitness mean?

Spiritual fitness is the set of beliefs and activities that help you stay connected to sources of hope, meaning, and purpose. Spiritual fitness refers to the ability to cultivate basic ideas, including the highest principles & ethics, and ultimate values.


The company introduced the first workout item with the basic purpose of providing the greatest available technology in 1983.

Spirit Fitness strives to research and construct every piece of machinery that wears the Spirit Fitness label with the same fundamental goal in mind. Furthermore, the company ensures that each new piece of machinery follows the same high standards that have helped to establish the Spirit Fitness trademark.

The goal of goal was always will remain to be—to provide a high-quality experience with our products during the previous thirty years. Moreover, it recognizes that its goods are a commitment, and we create them with your long-term fitness objectives in mind.

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