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ProForm 440R Rower A Good Buy or Not – A Review

The ProForm 440R Rower is one of the best rowing machines for home use since it is high-quality workout equipment that engages the entire body. In addition, it is the preferred option for fitness lovers due to the spectacular addition of a low pulley station that provides enhanced strength training.

This entry-level rowing machine from Proform comes with premium features. Read the ProForm 440R Rower review 2021 in-depth to learn more about this piece of equipment that combines cardio and strength workouts into a single machine.

It’s also a great indoor rower because of its resistance levels, wheels for transportation, huge LCD, customizable straps, & inertia-enhanced flywheel. Furthermore, its space-saving design and comfortable grips make it the finest fitness gear to buy.

Features Of ProForm 440R

The ProForm 440R Rower has magnetic resistance. In addition, this rowing machine with eight adjustable resistance settings and is exceptionally quiet. This rowing machine features a flywheel, aluminum seat rails, a properly constructed seat, and a lower pulley for executing curls, triceps enhancements, deadlifts, and other exercises efficiently.

proform 440r rower


The Proform 440r is a durable yet light rowing machine that can handle up to 250 pounds.

Most customers should be able to put their new machine together and start rowing in 45 minutes, while some customers have complained about not being able to comprehend the directions in the handbook completely. As a result, assembling may be more challenging for them.

Tools and parts are also included, which is always a plus because receiving a lovely, sparkling new kit and not putting it together straight away would irritate you much.

Space Saving

The majority of home rowers take up a lot of space in your house. The ProForm 440R rower, on the other hand, does not have a huge footprint. This portable, lightweight equipment is excellent for at-home cardiac workouts. The frames can be folded and moved using the front wheels.

This equipment, weighing only 68 pounds, is a lifesaver for people stuck in a small place. The rower can also be moved about your house fast, thanks to the built-in wheels for transportation.

Better Display console

If you’ve never used a rowing machine previously, selecting one with a high-quality display panel and an excellent LCD screen is a must.

It will be tough to determine how better you are getting overtime unless you can keep records of your strokes per minute, average distance, or other quantitative workout data. Despite its mid-range pricing, the ProForm 440R rower has a number of extremely handy features.

The dashboard will show you the estimated amount of calories burnt, time spent, and the total number of strokes done throughout your ongoing workout.

Low Pully Station

This training equipment is constructed with a low pulley station that provides multipurpose benefits to the users. Individuals can use flywheels for resistance to assist them to reach their fitness objectives by doing cardio workouts, weight training, and burning calories.

Silent & Efficient Rowing 

Another fantastic feature of the ProForm 440R rower is how tranquil it is when you’re working out. As you exercise, the magnetic resistance assists in muffling the sound of pulling. Although it has a small flywheel, this machine provides a smooth and consistent rowing motion.

High-Quality Frame

A rower’s frame quality is an essential factor to consider while purchasing one. Fragile frames put your safety in danger while lowering the quality of your workout. The ProForm 440R rower has a relatively durable structure that won’t sway or crack during the training.

Exercises Options

The rowing machine from ProForm offers a multitude of benefits to users, emphasizing core muscle training. In addition, the user can strengthen his thighs, upper body, and lower body by working out with a low pulley station.

The ability to do a number of workouts by simply lifting the handle upwards and tone the upper body is available. In addition, by just rowing the machine while seated, the user can improve their heart health.

As a result, workout regimens improve the user’s physical fitness while also increasing total body fitness.

Goal Tracking

This rower is a result-oriented training machine that encourages users to drive themselves to new heights to attain their fitness objectives. Users can monitor workout stats for improved outcomes by measuring their performance using statistics such as caloric burn, strokes per minute, and much more.


The frame of the ProForm  440R rower comes with a 5 years warranty. Whereas for the parts & labor if offers three months warranty. In this price range, a five years warranty for the frame is sufficient. It is the same as other more expensive devices.

However, lengthier warranties for materials and equipment would be better than the current 90-day guarantee.

Pros & Cons of ProForm 440r Rower


  • The oversized aluminum steel rail provides long-lasting performance.
  • There are eight levels of resistance, each with a low, middle, and high range.
  • The design is foldable and has a small footprint.
  • A big LCD monitor
  • Simple to assemble
  • Reliable Warranty 
  • Operates smoothly and quietly 
  • Flywheel with high inertia for smooth operation
  • Sessions of low-impact exercise
  • With cardio and weight training, you can achieve a wide range of results.
  • a well adjusted and cushioned seat
  • User weight capability of 250 lbs
  • Foot straps with adjustable & comfortable pedals


  • This rower’s max resistance is relatively low, making it an entry-level rower.
  • There’s a possibility that the pulling string may wear out, and you’ll need to purchase one again;
  • When changing batteries, extra caution is essential in order to avoid damaging the console’s wiring.

What do we love about ProForm 440r Rower?

Backlit 3.5″ Display

This display is quick and straightforward to use. It doesn’t have a lot of features, so it’s best for people who like to row and just go.

Flywheel with Higher Inertia

The 440R Rower’s flywheel is modest, but it produces a smooth rowing drive with a pleasant release. Its flywheel is extremely silent and offers both magnetic and air resistance.

Comfortable seats

Although the seat is significantly smaller than other rower seats, it fits the rower perfectly and glides effortlessly up and down the metal rail.

Adjustable Foot Strap Pivoting Pedals

To encourage appropriate rowing form, pedals are upright with a slight angle. Large footholds with grooves around the edge prevent your shoe from sliding off.

Aluminum Seat Rail

The 440R Rower is just 68 pounds and folds up. Although the rail is slightly lighter, it can support persons up to 250 pounds.

SpaceSaver Design

When you’re done, one of the most admirable advantages of this rower is its ability to fold in half neatly.

Works a rower or a resistance station.

The ProForm 440R provides excellent performance for a low-cost rower! You can row or even use flywheel resistance as a pulley for a strength workout.


Are ProForm Rowers a Good Investment?

For someone on a low budget, ProForm rowers are a great option. One of the most selling rowers is the ProForm 440r. With their iFit Membership program, ProForm now provides additional high-end rowers to fight against Concept2 and more engaging rowers.

What is the best way to move a ProForm 440R Rower?

 The front wheels of the ProForm 440R rowing machine make it easy to move and store.

Can you fold the ProForm 440R rowing machine?

The 440R rower has a compact design that makes it simple to fold and store.

Is rowing a good way to lose belly fat?

Rowing is a great method to burn calories and create strong, defined muscles but will it help you lose stubborn belly fat as effectively as other kinds of cardio like running? Yes, to put it briefly. ProForm 440R rower is a good option if you are considering a rowing machine without spending too much.

How long does the 440R come with a warranty?

The ProForm 440R is covered by a 5-year frame guarantee as well as a 90-day parts and service guarantee.


The ProForm 440R rower is a lightweight rower that weighs only 68 pounds. It can hold up to 250 pounds and is low to the floor, so storage isn’t a problem. It may be a little challenging for certain users because it is just 9” above the ground, but because of the minimal center of gravity, there seems to be no danger of falling or sliding to the side. 

The track slopes smoothly down reaching into the dashboard, giving you momentum as you row up, pulling not just against the rope as well as against gravity. The foot pedals are large and curved, with a pivoting motion behind them for convenience and practicality. This is a wonderful little rower at an even better price!