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Compact Manual Treadmill – Best Health and Fitness Reviews

Compact Manual treadmills not only save space, place, and energy but are also a fantastic way to do cardio workouts. A manual treadmill might be just what you’ve been searching for while you’re shopping for a new treadmill and are not sure about the expense, weight, or energy use.

Manual treadmills are also termed non-motorized treadmills because they don’t tap into any power supply, unlike conventional electric ones. Rather, the bodyweight helps the belt to move when you balance on the gentle incline. You merely change the friction to modify the pace on the motorless treadmills.

Pro Gear 190 Compact Manual Treadmill Review

A powerful product to help consume excess calories and maintain a healthy lifestyle is indeed the ProGear Space Saver Manual Treadmill. For a robust and secure walking or jogging stride, this treadmill does have a strong steel frame with broadside safety rails.  

Moreover, this has the potential to strive for a more rigorous exercise which is just perfect for calorie burning. Additionally, the ProGear 190 Space Saver Manual Treadmill offers you the advantages of minimal installation, no power supply, a configuration that saves foldable space and is hassle-free.

Pro gear 190 compact manual treadmill Features

  • The frame of steel with powder coating. 
  • Oversized belt bearings offer a seamless and safe walking experience.
  • The consumer will monitor target heart rate areas and heartbeat speeds with heart pulse monitors.
  • For walking protection and balance, longer handles are present o the treadmill
  • Incline changes feature fast and simple incline ranges of 6 and 10 degrees for 2 positions
  • The transport wheels make it easy to transfer the treadmill from place to place.

Sunny Health and Fitness SF-T1407M

This is the compact manual treadmill is something you can pack conveniently and occupies very little room.

You could carry this in your wardrobe as well as under a bed without it being in the way by sizing a small 20 x 23 x 50 inches while folded and weighing under 50 pounds. Moreover, this treadmill is very budget-friendly.

The LCD screen monitors burning time, velocity, and calories. Additionally,  it contains a “scan” feature, enabling you to swipe without continual button-pressing via your statistical information. The size is the only downside of this treadmill. 

The running area measures about 42 inches, which to most people could be too small to run. But if you intend to concentrate solely on walking and living in a tiny location, it will do the job beautifully.

Sunny Health &Fitness SF-T1407M Features

  • The walking surface is about 42 x 13 inches
  • An LCD monitors time, speed, calories, heart rate, and number of steps    
  • Non-electric layout 
  •  Max Weight limit is 220 lbs
  • Footprint: 49 inches long by 23 inches wide and 50 inches tall

AirRunner Attack Treadmill

AirRunner Attack is a compact manual treadmill that has all of the functions that a motorized treadmill performs. Since it is lightweight and compact, so you can fit the AirRunner into any room. Since it doesn’t use electricity, keeping the kids and any pets you may have around is safe. And it’s environmentally safe, with zero energy use.

AirRunner Attack Features

  • Best for Athletes as well as starters
  • Helps you run faster
  • More natural exercise than a powered treadmill
  • The console is similar to motorized treadmills


  • What’s a Manual Treadmill?

A manual treadmill works manually rather than electrically powered. Its belt moves only if you are moving. The belt is pushed by the movement of your feet touching the ground, so you control how quickly you go with your speed and motion.

  • How does a manual treadmill work?

A manual treadmill, in a few words, operates by shifting your feet. Users have power over the pace themselves, so you can get quite a workout because the energy comes from the muscles, not from the system itself.

  • How do I work on a Manual Treadmill?

Basically, you need to simply run or walk as you normally do on an electric treadmill.


This treadmill comes at a lower price, slightly more than $100. The ProGear 190 Space Saver Manual Treadmill is a genuinely decent purchase at this cost.  That being said, we feel the treadmill will suit you.   

With an overall weight capacity of only 220 lbs, a lot of potential customers tend to buy ProGear. This is a perfect choice when you’re under 200 lbs or are searching for a decent running treadmill.