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The 5 Best Sunny Health and Fitness Treadmills – Top Budget Models Reviewed

Sunny Health and fitness is a well-known and trustworthy fitness brand that deals in millions of Top fitness equipment. It is a US-based firm that provides quality fitness instruments worldwide. Sunny Health and Fitness Treadmill are famous for their quality and affordability. In this post, will explain every related thing in detail.

Considering every age, Sunny is specialized in the product for every customer ranging from home consumers to elite pro customers. Their products range from bicycles for junior citizens to treadmills for seniors.

Among all the specialties, Sunny Health and Fitness Treadmill are the most popular and best pick because of their comfortable and easy-to-use structure and affordable prices.

As most of the sunny health and fitness treadmill are similar in their names, working, and looks, but it is still necessary to figure out the best for the use. Before moving to the Huge selections, Read about how to choose the best sunny treadmill.

How to choose the best sunny treadmills?

Following is the pretty simple guideline to inspect sunny health and fitness treadmill before you make a purchase. Before going to market;

  • Do pre-research on the top favorable treadmills.
  • Make a clear decision listed of factors to be checked in any treadmill.
  • Get an online idea of various brands’ treadmills, then move to the market; otherwise, you’ll be left with nothing other than a cheated decision.

It would be best if you made sure the following qualities in any treadmill:

Treadmills Size

Make a pre-measurement of the proper dimensions of your room or space where you want to place a treadmill. This handy information will make the selection very quick. Ideally, 20 and 22 inches belts are best.

Structure of the belt

Considering the structure, you should be focused on the smooth runnSurfSurface of the belt. This kindSurfSurface is appreciated for easy walking and jogging. Ideally, a large treadmill does not have a smooth running surface, so a medium-sized will be preferred.

Treadmill Motor

The motor is considered to be the fundamental part of any treadmill. It should be tested on the spot, and warrantees should be checked by performing a short test run. Warranties vary from brand to brand and place to place, but they should be checked before buying.

Top 5 Best Sunny Health and Fitness Treadmill Review

Sunny Health & Fitness Performance Treadmill (SF-T7874)

Sunny’s performance Treadmill was the all-in-one treadmill. It got a top position in Sunny’s treadmills list due to its hot favorite specifications. It is a budget-friendly electric treadmill with slightly inclined automatic runnSurfSurface.

It consists of a decent package of features and specs, for the best workout.

Its ideal assembled dimensions are 70″L X 31″W X 51″ H with belt dimensions of 54″L X 18″W. It can bear weight up to 285 lbs(130 kg). It is having a motor of power of 3.0 HP with a speed range of 0.6-11 MPH.

sunny health and fitness performance treadmill SF-T7874

Sunny health and fitness performance treadmill running belt is automatic and inclines 0% – 15%, while its deck is durable and includes cushioning. Talking about its console, it contains 14 preset programs, 3 custom programs, and consists of BMI.

Warranty of Performance treadmill includes 3 years for its frames and 180 days for its other parts. Its price is roughly $700. Due to these powerful specs. It got first in Sunny’s treadmill collection.

Sunny Health & Fitness Treadmill (7750) ASUNA Spaceflex

Sonny’s ANUSA is a sunny health and fitness treadmill that is famous for its modern, stylish, and minimalist look. It is foldable and best enough to fit into any small space or in any living room. In my list, It comes at second place in Sunny Health and Fitness Treadmill lineup.

Non-marking Transportation wheels are present in it, and 6 LED Windows are present separately that shows the whole data of the workout.

Its assembled dimensions are 19L X 28W X 57H inches whereas the belt dimensions are 57 x 28 x 48 inches.

Sunny Health and Fitness ASUNA 7750 SpaceFlex Motorized Treadmill

It is an electric treadmill with a motor of 2.5 horsepower. The weight capacity of the ASUNA Treadmill is 220 pounds. It contains 8 inbuilt programs.

Its price is roughly around $950. It is a user-friendly machine due to its ease to access and control the start and stop buttons which makes it rank on second place.

Sunny Health & Fitness Treadmill SF-T79717 with Incline

The name of this model “incline” does not match with the inclined feature of the deck. As the deck is not much more inclined as compared to other models whereas, it shows more in-depth technical features which make it people’s favorite one.

Sunny health and fitness treadmills with incline increase speed and intensity of workout 15 times more than an automated treadmill.

Its technical department included built-in wireless Bluetooth where a user can enjoy music during a workout. It consists of Handrails that increase more stability and control of a customer during a workout.

Sunny Health & Fitness Treadmill SF-T79717 with Incline folding treadmill for home

Its assembled dimensions are  32L X 32W X 57H inches while the dimensions of the belt are 52 L X 19W inches. The weight capacity of this model is 265 pounds with a motor of 2 Horsepower.

It consists of 15 customer-friendly in-but programs with BMI calculator software and onboard stats of time, speed, heartbeat, calories burned.

Its running belt is made so comfortable by shock absorption technology, which helps you in easy walking, running, and jogging. It is very easy to use and convenient in storage.

Its price is roughly about $750. These in-depth technical features place it on the 3rd position in Sunny’s array of a treadmill.

Sunny Health & Fitness treadmill sf-T7873 With Body Fat Function

As the name shows, this model tells you the estimate of body fat percentages. It is similar to the top choice of this list in some ways.

Its dimensions are 63 X 29.25 X 49 inches with a belt dimensions of 16 X 52.95 inches. It runnSurfSurface is extra wide and lower to the ground, which gives the user the real running experience.

It is a corded electric device with a motor of power 2.5 CHP. This model can attain a maximum speed of 11 MPH with a 15% incline, which is enough value for a user.

sunny health and fitness T7873 treadmill with incline

It is a compact and sleek model designed lower to the floor with the weight capacity of this model is 250 pounds.

Its technical features include a very strong and convenient device holder which can hold any mobile, tablet, iPads while you exercise. This device holder is adjustable. It can connect to Sunny Mobile App to show you the whole record of time, speed, burned calories, pulse, and steps. Your device can be connected to its inbuilt Bluetooth and USB port.

Its price is roughly about $830. These specs make it favorable for the 4th no of Sunny’s treadmills lists.

Sunny Health and Fitness Smart Treadmill (T7515)

Coming to an end, Our list contains Sunny Health and Fitness Smart Treadmill at 5th place. Sunny’s Smart Treadmill contains a deck bit smaller than a gold standard one which is suitable for those people who like light jogging as compared to fast running.

The dimensions of the Smart Treadmill are 64.5 X 28 X 50.5 inches with a belt dimension of 16.5 X 49.5 inches with a weight capacity of 240 pounds. It contains a motor of 2.2 Horsepower with a maximum speed of 8MPH and 12% incline.

Sunny Health & Fitness SF-T7515 Smart Treadmill

Coming to Sunny Health and Fitness Smart Treadmill console contains very attractive features. Quick, easy to access, and control buttons are built-in it with three countdown mode for a time, speed, calories burned, pulse, and BMI calculator.

Apart from all these, an enticing feature of phone call and music is present with its built-in speakers, through which you can listen and answer your phone call during exercise.

Its price is roughly below $500, which makes it difficult to find Sunny’s smart treadmill in the stores.


This article has shown an extensive range of Sunny health and fitness treadmill ranging from $200 – $1000 with very in-depth features.  All around the world Sunny Health and Fitness is known as the most renowned and competitive brand. It’s the only shortcoming is pretty short warranties and a bit smaller running surfaces in some models.

Besides that, it is still a budget brand, and compete others brand around. I personally like Sunny Health and Fitness treadmill due to its wide range of products. Another reason for choosing Sunny Health and Fitness brand is the satisfaction of their customers.